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About Me

Born and raised in Montreal, QC, there has always been a stroke of creativity that has defined me. Whether it be performing, music, managing the stage, scrapbooking or painting - my "happy place" has always involved the messy and spontaneous world of art.


My first photography experiences were in the darkroom of John Abbott College over a decade ago, where I learnt how to develop photos. At this time I was still figuring out what happened when I turned that magical little dial on my camera to "M" and what it looked like to have more creative freedom over my work than the faithful "P" provided and I took a liking to the challenge. With film of course, the guessing game lasted longer as I tried to understand the technical side of photography, spending hours and hours pouring over contact sheets and staring at chemical baths. But those two years launched me onto the path that I am on now and I can't imagine life any other way.


In 2002, after completing a DEC in Theatre Tech in Montreal, I nervously packed my bags and moved to Saskatchewan to pursue a Bachelor of Arts at Briercrest College and Seminary in a small town outside of Moose Jaw. Talk about culture shock! But I must admit, the beauty of the prairies has grown on me. The uniqueness of harvest time and the miracle of the Northern Lights keeps this city girl in awe. Although I have spent the last few years going back and forth between Toronto and Moose Jaw, I am settling here on the flatland for good.

How did I decide I wanted to be a photographer? About 9 years ago, I took the plunge and shot my first wedding with no experience and gear that I had no idea how to use. Little did I know that it would be the first of many to come! I fell completely in love with the art (and challenge!) of wedding photography. This opened my eyes to the possibilities...I was soon shooting engagements, expecting mothers, little tiny babies, and everything in between. In 2010, I launched myself into full time photography and with almost ten years of experience in the wedding industry, I am a confident photographer with a style of my own. And that is what I want to share with you!


Take a look at my portfolio and drop me a line at or use the "Contact Me" page to book your session. I look forward to meeting you and capturing your special day or event.